Our Trees

Tree Varieties at the Farm

U-Cut: Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, Grand Fir
Fresh Cut: Noble Fir, Alpine Fir, Nordmann Fir

Fraser Fir


  • Dark green, flattened needles that are dark green on top and silvery underneath
  • Pyramid-shaped strong branches which turn upward
  • High needle retention
  • Mild-strong¬†fragrance

Noble Fir


  • Deep, rich green look
  • Soft bluish-green needles with a silvery appearance
  • Evenly spaced stiff branches, great for heavier ornaments
  • Superior needle retention
  • Strong fragrance

Grand Fir


  • Dark green color, large needles are glossy on top with a silvery underside with two lines of stomatal bloom
  • Firm branches
  • Medium-high needle rentention
  • Strong, citrusy¬†fragrance

Alpine Fir

Alpine Fir

  • Sub-alpine Fir has a distinctively long, narrow crown of short, stiff branches
  • Great tree for tall ceilings
  • Needles will not drop after cut, great for Christmas trees

Nordmann Fir


  • Great blue/green color and nice bushy branches
  • Native to NW Turkey, but has become an all-time favorite for Christmas trees
  • Very slow growing, but retains needles the best